Supporting Recovery from ME, CFS, Fibromyalgia and Post viral fatigue As a Naturopath, with 11+ years of clinical experience, I have a comprehensive understanding of the triggers, phases and progression of these complicated chronic exhaustive conditions to help clients get their lives back. I understand how isolating and frustrating these conditions can be and how easy it is to get stuck. I work with the Chrysalis Effect programme to support my clients through the vast array of physical symptoms and challenges arising from these conditions and help you on your journey to recovery. The Chrysalis Effect have identified 6 phases involved in recovery; knowing which stage you are at IS KEY to making appropriate recommendations to help you, to move you forward towards recovery. Imagine at last having a map so you know exactly where you are, no more going round in circles; you can finally have a plan in place so you receive the right protocol for you at the right time, tailored exactly to your needs. The programme is completely holistic, covering mind, body and spirit. It was developed by people who have recovered themselves and enables you to review all aspects of your life as you work towards optimal health. Nutrition must be optimal to provide the most favourable conditions for energy production and allow your body the best chance of healing. I use diagnostic testing to remove the guesswork, and quality supplements will be prescribed when indicated to resolve nutritional deficiencies and promote healing.  My extensive clinical experience will be used to give you answers as to the ‘Why’ and to interpret lab reports and blood test results to determine the following:                               Which of the Six Phases of Recovery are you in?  Are you suffering adrenal insufficiency?  Is your thyroid working optimally? And how accurate are normal blood tests?  Why bad days invariably follow the good Why sleep is so difficult despite you being so tired Why blood tests repeatedly come back as ‘normal’ Do you need to eliminate Candida, bacterial overgrowth or a hidden parasitic infection?  Is your immune system compromised or oversensitive?  Are you battling food intolerances, or deficient in vitamins or minerals?  Do your Mitochondria need support?  Are your methylation pathways compromised? Are your blood sugar levels out of balance?  Are Heavy Metals or Environmental toxins a problem? How and when to detoxify your system safely!  As a Chrysalis Effect Practitioner, I support you every step of the way through the programme. I also have access to a whole team of specialist practitioners, working with many different modalities, including Hypnotherapy, EFT, Meta K and Reiki etc.  Referrals will be made whenever it is felt that a client may benefit from a particular treatment, and when the time is exactly right for that treatment to be most advantageous.  As a Naturopath I aim to support you both physically and emotionally to give you complete holistic support.  Only by tackling the mind and body together, can we make the lasting changes required for full recovery.   Using wellbeing coaching we will focus on the 8 crucial elements on the freedom wheel – nutrition, lifestyle and pace, movement, environment, emotional health, relationships, finance, and life purpose and work on the particular areas that need addressing. This is a powerful tool for helping you to identify and change areas of your life that are not working so well for you, in order for you to facilitate a full recovery. The programme is tailored to your individual profile and is truly  life-changing, which doesn’t just get you back to ‘normal’ but allows you to create the life you’ve always wanted that sustains and nourishes you.   “Through working with Cath I have changed my diet and made changes to my lifestyle to allow a better work-life balance. My life now has completely transformed. I no longer experience extreme fatigue, a feeling which I don’t think I have experienced for many years. I am enjoying being stress free, and most importantly I have changed the way I approach obstacles so I see them more positively. I am finally enjoying every day of my life. I cannot thank Cath enough.” Sarah, Huddersfield To request your FREE Health Appraisal and FREE 30 minute telephone consult click here!
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Cath Finegan  ND, mFNTP, HIr Naturopath and Nutritional Therapist
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