Consultations I offer both ad-hoc pay per visit appointments for those who have acute issues or tailored packages for those with more chronic conditions. Initial consultation appointment (90 minutes) £85 Follow-up appointments (45 – 60 minutes)                     £60 Packages for 3-4 sessions are available and a 10% discount will be applied if paid in full in advance. An initial consultation lasts for 90 minutes. During the initial consult I concentrate on gathering your medical and life history and what health issues you need support with, in order to create a treatment plan that suits your needs. Detailed health history questionnaires and food diary will be sent to you for completion prior to your visit. Once the underlying causes of the symptoms have been assessed I will explain to you what might be causing your symptoms and how dietary or lifestyle changes may help to alleviate them. During this consultation, I may recommend appropriate laboratory tests to provide more precise information and scientific evidence about your health, for example gastrointestinal function, allergies /intolerances, hormone levels, nutrient deficiencies and so on. I will then devise a detailed personalised programme for you, designed to specifically address your areas of concern and encourage re-balancing of your body. This programme is agreed with you and may include dietary, supplemental and lifestyle recommendations, meal ideas and accompanying handouts, all of which will be dependent on your needs and your budget.   Note: Any nutritional supplements recommended as part of your programme are checked against any medication that you are taking and would be charged in addition to the consultation fee, as would any testing. Follow-up appointments …are recommended within 4 to 6 weeks of the initial consultation to assess your progress and the effectiveness of your nutritional programme. We can decide how often we need to see each other so that you feel supported in such a way that will help you grow the most. They are also important for answering any further questions that you may have and to make any adjustments to your programme. For complex health issues – or those involving diagnostic tests – more than one follow-up consultation may be required. Confidentiality Consultations are strictly confidential. All client information is held in accordance with current data protection legislation. Skype and Telephone Consultations Skype and telephone consultations are offered to those who are unable to come into clinic either due to illness or for logistical convenience. 
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Cath Finegan  ND, mFNTP, HIr Naturopath and Nutritional Therapist