Intolerance Testing Do you suffer from any of the following? bloating, diarrhoea or IBS headaches or migraines chronic fatigue  depression or anxiety skin problems  weight control arthritis  ADHD A food intolerance could be the trigger. Find out, order a test today! Finger-prick blood sample •   Laboratory test Convenient postal service •   Over 220 foods tested Personalised food report •   Dietary guidebook Food intolerance can result from your body reacting adversely to certain foods. Although not life-threatening, food intolerance is associated with a range of unpleasant, often unexplained symptoms which can make daily life miserable for sufferers. Symptoms can last for several days or even weeks and are often intermittent, making it difficult to identify which foods are causing the problems. Research has shown that food intolerance is linked to antibodies produced by your immune system when you eat certain foods. Using a small blood sample, CNS food intolerance tests can identify IgG antibodies raised to over 200 foods. The good news is that simply identifying these “problem” foods and eliminating them from your diet can result in a great improvement in symptoms. Testing is quick and easy to perform. Just a finger prick blood sample required. 
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Cath Finegan  ND, mFNTP, HIr Naturopath and Nutritional Therapist