Naturopathic Nutrition Naturopathy or 'nature cure' has as its fundamental principle the healing power of nature. Naturopathy is a complementary medicine which emphasises the body's intrinsic ability to heal and maintain itself. A Naturopath is a natural health care professional whose aim is how best to support each patient towards wellbeing – whether physical, mental or emotional. A naturopathic nutritionist will seek to identify and address the underlying cause of the health issue, focusing on treating the whole person, realising the mind and body are interconnected.  This is achieved by assessing any imbalances, intolerances, deficiencies or excesses that your body may have and then working with you to address these needs by suggesting manageable strategies and solutions to establish health and wellness. Naturopaths focus on the use of natural remedies such as herbs and foods rather than synthetic drugs and surgery in order to help a patient and may use a variety of different treatment methods. Naturopathic medicine relies not only on hundreds of years of medical tradition; it also incorporates the latest related medical research. Naturopathic Medicine can help with many different conditions and health concerns. As a fully-qualified practitioner in Naturopathy & Nutritional Therapy, I can offer practical advice and assistance for many conditions, examples of which include: Digestion and bowel disorders – eg. IBS, IBD, Candida, reflux etc Allergies and food intolerances / Hayfever Chronic Fatigue / ME / Fibromyalgia / Post Viral Fatigue Stress / depression and anxiety Thyroid issues Tiredness / low energy/ fatigue Skin conditions – eczema, psoriasis, acne, rosacea, hives Female Health – PMS, Menopause, PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Cystitis Male health Headaches / migraines
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Cath Finegan  ND, mFNTP, HIr Naturopath and Nutritional Therapist