Testimonials ' I have CFS/ME and 12 months ago I was completely depleted in both mind and body. My IBS symptoms were raging, and I was completely debilitated physically, cognitively and emotionally.  At this time, I started working with Cath in conjunction with the Chrysalis Effect Recovery Programme for people experiencing CFS/ME and Fibromyalgia.  During this time Cath has supported me to get my adrenals and digestive system back in balance.  She professionally and compassionately worked with me on a personalised plan that involved a bespoke series of tests, supplements, and adjustments to my diet and lifestyle. This included Cath supporting my nutritional health via Zoom calls while I was bed bound for weeks due to Covid19.  The change in 12 months is unbelievable.  I am now symptom free, but if I do notice the gremlins creeping back, I know what to do to get back in balance again.  For me this journey has been one of learning and re-adjustment.  There are no quick fixes, and you have to put the effort in yourself to get results, but you couldn’t be in safer hands.  I 100% recommend Cath and wish you well on your journey back to health. HD Sheffield 2021 Cath has helped me greatly through my recovery from CFS, I have suffered from the illness for over 12 years and even though in those years I have had short periods of good health, I have never understood the illness and how multi layered it is. Cath has helped me understand all the connecting factors and how to deal with them, along with suggesting different supplements and diet to help my recovery. After working with Cath I feel I am now equipped to maintain my recovery and remain well both physically and mentally.  Many thanks Cath' R. Swift Halifax July 2016 I was recommended to Cath by a friend. I was feeling unwell and struggling with acid indigestion, bloating, periods of intense pain and was not sleeping well.  Cath had time to listen to me and she told me that she could help and that I would feel better. Firstly she advised me to go on a milk and wheat free diet and also suggested supplements to help my stomach. This sounded a little daunting, but I followed her advice and suggestions. Cath advised that I could contact her at anytime. She was very supportive.  Cath was right  and I do feel so much better and have more energy. I am now more aware of the food I eat and my lifestyle.  I would fully recommend Cath. Thank you,   AG, Wakefield Oct 2016 Cath is able to deliver a truly holistic approach to a complex and not always understood, problem of chronic fatigue. The physical, emotional, psychological and lifestyle aspects are all explored in a supportive and effective way.  From being exhausted, deplete and depressed about the condition in which I found myself, I was able to gradually gain momentum over time. Now I am able to enjoy the life I had before. I feel more confident and optimistic about the future. Barbara Leeman, Sept 2016 I contacted Cath after hearing others saying how they had benefitted from her knowledge and advice. I had been suffering with fatigue, stress and problems associated with an underactive thyroid. Cath advised me to make changes to my diet which quickly put a stop to the drained feeling I experienced every day. I was also able to speak to Cath about changes to my lifestyle to allow a better work-life balance. My life now has completely transformed. I am enjoying being stress free, a feeling which I don’t think I have experienced for many years. I no longer experience extreme fatigue and most importantly I have changed the way I approach obstacles so I see them more positively. I am finally enjoying every day of my life. I cannot thank Cath enough.  Sarah, Huddersfield Oct 2015 "I approached Cath to ask if she could help my teenage son as he had been suffering with nausea for over 18 months. Obviously, feeling sick every day was affecting him greatly.  He has had various medical investigations that showed he had gastritis but no known cause. Cath looked at the history of his complaint, his blood results and the strategies / remedies / medications he had tried and suggested a change in diet and liver / gall bladder support supplements. This was in January 2016, and we stuck to her advice.  I'm thrilled to be able to write just 2 months later we can't believe how much better he is...the nausea has subsided and he is able to function as normal. Thank you Cath for your help and support.  From Julie,  Huddersfield Feb 2016"  I went to see Cath after I had reached the end of my tether with feeling under the weather all the time with various different ailments. She asked me to fill out a very comprehensive questionnaire regarding my symptoms, etc and soon identified what she thought my problem was. I followed Cath’s suggestions and soon noticed a huge change. I’m so happy I went to see her as I don't think I would ever have got the same results from my GP, as they were just not taking me seriously.  Julie Hardy, Nov 2014 Thank you for the advice given that helped me on my road to recovery alongside educating me on what may help with my condition. I found that the supplements recommended have assisted with my recovery. Although my condition is life long, I am comfortable in knowledge that I can self-assist without medical intervention and I hope that I am able to manage my condition with herbal treatments and a healthy mind. J Rodgers, Dec 2014 “I was diagnosed as a Coeliac in the early part of 2013. I had lost about 2 stones in weight and so I decided to consult Cath Finegan about my diet. This is one of the best decisions I have made. Cath listened carefully to my problems and then put me on a course of vitamins and gut healing supplements. These were specific to my needs, and progression was monitored with detailed explanations of what I was taking and why. I was able to ring Cath at any time to discuss problems and re-order supplements. Cath also provided gluten free recipes and suggested various exercises to help with my breathing and general fitness. Now 12 months later with my weight at the correct level, I feel fit and strong and now I only take one cod liver oil capsule daily. The regular appointments and careful attention to my personal needs with written information has been excellent.  I felt confident with the way Cath handled my case.”   John Cooper, Huddersfield, July 2014 “I was introduced to Cath by my former Acupuncturist, Caitlin Allen, from whom I had received treatment for my anxiety and adrenal fatigue. At the time I was suffering with poor digestion and IBS problems and had gained a lot of weight. My stomach distress included severe trapped wind problems and bloating. Cath did various tests and introduced me to a much healthier eating regime which included eliminating gluten and dairy (the main causes of my digestive stress) and supplements of vitamins and digestive aids. Over the following two years or so I have lost about 10kgs (back to my ideal weight) and have found the secret to a happy digestive system. Although I admit that I don’t always stick rigorously to the diet, at least I am now armed with the knowledge to better manage my health and overall I have never felt better. Cath is also very understanding and a willing counsellor, especially as I am still recovering from anxiety and many of my symptoms have been eliminated through improved diet. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to fix their digestive health problems and have a healthier, happier life.”  S Acton, Leeds, June 2014 “After struggling with my weight and eating habits for many years and ending up at around 18 and a half stone I knew I needed to do something about it so this I when I contacted Cath. I found Cath to be very approachable and easy to talk to. After only the first session Cath identified where I was going wrong and explained it in a way that made sense. I then went on to see Cath another 4 times over the next six months learning more about food and exercise and in doing so managed to lose nearly 3 stone. The support and advice that Cath gave in sessions, through emails and over the telephone was very important to me as it made me feel that I had help when I needed it, where as in the past I haven’t and I think that not having that support was one of the reasons why I failed in the past. I now have a much better understanding of what foods to eat and I hope I continue to do so.”  Phil Healey, Barnsley, June 2014 “Last year Cath helped support me as I was suffering with Adrenal fatigue. She has evaluated my diet and offered me sound and structured nutritional advice and backed this up with a programme of vitamins and supplements. 1 year on, I feel absolutely great and back to normal. I really could not recommend her enough and am really glad that I took the time out to make the initial visit“.  Kim Barrientos, Leeds Oct 2013 “I had struggled with my health for as long as I can remember.  I had always had debilitating problems with my monthly cycle and extreme pain from endometriosis.  Lack of sleep had always been a problem.  Anxiety, severe stress, lack of confidence and self-esteem a bi-product of the aforementioned. I had tried to get help from the medical profession with no success.  Hormone replacement therapy did not agree with me. I decided to go it alone.  For twenty years I did lots of research, tried lots of alternative treatments and therapies.  I got semi-healthy with diet and exercise.  I still struggled along not quite finding the right thing.  I then had a bereavement in March 2012 and became much worse.  I desperately needed to find some help. I had been under a kinesiology based naturopath before moving to Leeds who had really helped me.  I knew most of my improvements to date had been from gradually learning about and improving what I put in and on myself so an expert in nutrition seemed the way to go.  When looking for a new naturopath I was drawn to Cath for the nutrition expertise. Well!  I have been absolutely blown away by the improvement in quality of life!  I cannot express how thankful I am that I found Cath.  I thought I was destined for year after year of poor health and a half-life. Cath devised a program of accurate testing to find out exactly what was going on with all my hormones (not just reproductive).  I then started a course of natural supplements to bring them all back into balance.  This was accompanied by an eating plan which has been the absolute icing on the cake for me.  My endometriosis has gone completely.   I no longer have pain or PMS.  I feel amazing every day now where before I could count on the fingers of one hand any good days in the month.  My anxiety has gone, I feel consistently calm and I have confidence for the first time in my life.  My weight has been stable for months without even trying.  I have bucket-loads of energy and motivation.  The nutritional advice I have had from Cath has been invaluable and life- changing.  There is such a lack of education out there about what we put in to ourselves.  I want to sing from the rooftops what has happened to me as I never dreamt I would feel so good.  I truly believe that we can cure most ills with the kind of expert nutritional advice I have had from Cath.  My husband and I can’t thank you enough, Cath.”  M Barrenger, York Oct 2013 medication, none of which made me feel well or seemed to really help long term with the reflux. By this time I had gone down to just over 7 stone and was unable to find anything to eat that didn’t set off my symptoms. In addition, I was also suffering from anxiety, rapid heart beat and palpitations.  Thanks to Cath’s support, personalised diet and supplement program I am now well on the way to recovery and am back up to a healthy 9 stone, and feeling much more energized and positive about my future health. I am extremely grateful to Cath for the amount of time and effort she has dedicated to me and my health and would readily recommend her to anyone wishing to improve their wellbeing.”  - Amanda Smith, Holmfirth Oct 2010
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